M. Perina Farmaceutici Sas | Deposito, distribuzione e logistica
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In Rome, over 60 years of activity in the pharmaceutical sector and in the storage, distribution and marketing of pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products. An aware and up-to-date partner on the regulations, opportunities and new resources of a constantly evolving sector


Our services include the entire cycle that connects pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical production with the end customer (pharmacies, wholesalers, healthcare, hospitals, nursing homes). We have offices and warehouse in Rome and we operate in distribution throughout the national territory


The depot is in North Rome (Gemelli Polyclinic area). It is equipped with administrative offices and meeting room as well as a storage warehouse suitable for the conservation and handling of specific products in the sector. Cold room. Closed area for non-hesitant lots.


Standard delivery times: 36 hours for all Regions; 48 hours for the islands; 24 hours for Rome and the Province. Cold chain ensured. Timeliness and delivery result guaranteed by the Order Status OnLine (Osol) system which tracks the order from receipt to delivery in direct connection with the carrier.


The management system of M. Perina Sas is certified by the UNI EN ISO 9001.2008 standards, which qualify the organizational standards of the company and “photograph” its ability to fully respond to customer expectations. The certification defines precise obligations regarding organization, management, personnel and processes.


La M. Perina Farmaceutici Sas è in grado di attivare collegamenti diretti con reti vendita del settore. Grazie a rapporti di partnership consolidati nel tempo gestiamo con specifici accordi il comparto del marketing e degli agenti sul territorio di aziende interessate all’outsorcing dell’intera filiera a valle della produzione.


Warehousing, distribution and logistics

M. Perina Farmaceutici Sas operates as storage, distribution and logistics of pharmaceutical products, parapharmaceuticals, food supplements, cosmetics, medical devices and any other supply for pharmacies, parapharmacies, hospitals and nursing homes. It is based in Rome and provides its services throughout the national territory. Its business plus is the attention to customer needs and the ability to consult and address even beyond the specific contractual tasks. We know the complex world of pharmaceuticals well, we have a high reputation for efficiency, we know how to “partner” with the companies that work with us.


Over 60 years of activity in the pharmaceutical sector

M. Perina Farmaceutici Sas was founded in the 1950s and develops its storage and distribution activities with constant attention to the transformations of the pharmaceutical sector: this is why, unlike other medium-small companies, it has successfully managed to maintain and to increase its market position. Founded by Aldo Perina, then managed by Marcello Perina and his sons Marco and Ivana Perina, it combines the flexibility and experience of a family business with a high level of technological, regulatory and organizational updating, and with the complex of skills and relationships linked to over fifty years of activity.


Perina Farmaceutici S.A.S.

Storage, distribution, logistics of pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products, food supplements, cosmetics, medical devices, active throughout the national territory. Authorization Reg. 890/96.

UNI EN ISO 9001.2008 certified company.